Meet teenager who gave birth without knowing she was pregnant (photos)

19-year-old teenager Mutiat Abiona gave birth to a baby girl weighing 4.0kg at Ilu Iboro, Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway recently and revealed that, she was not even aware that she was pregnant.

Teenager gives birth without knowing she was pregnant (photos)

According to an eyewitness, Mutiat at the relative’s place, complained of stomach pain and before they knew what was happening, she gave birth to the baby beside the wall in the house. Neighbours, who were surprised by the development called for a doctor’s assistance.

She denied having knowledge of the pregnancy but admitted having a boyfriend, Lekan a 20-year-old brick layer. Her mother, who was at the scene, verified her claim, saying they had gone to do some tests in the hospital and they were told that there was nothing in her womb.

Her words: “She told me that she always met Lekan every weekend. She lives with me and throughout these last 9 months, there was no sign of the pregnancy. She still wrote the last November/December WASSCE.”



Former Argentine president charged with corruption

argentinaFormer Argentine President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner was charged with corruption Tuesday and had $643 million of her assets frozen, according to state-run news agency Télam.

A judge indicted Fernández de Kirchner along with 11 others on illicit association, for allegedly directing public road works to a company called Austral Constructions during her presidency.

The judge formally presented the charges of corruption, illicit association and aggravated fraudulent administration, against the former president along with her former minister of planning Julio De Vido, former secretary of public works José López and businessman Lázaro Báez of Austral Constructions.

The illicit association could carry up to 10 years imprisonment, Télam reported.
Fernández de Kirchner is not under arrest, but remains under investigation. She can appeal the process, wait for the end of the investigation or see whether the judge decides to send her to trial.

Former government official, Lopez is currently in jail and will be tried after being caught trying to bury bags of cash containing $9 million underneath a monastery earlier this year.

Former Argentine government official caught hiding millions
Fernández de Kirchner, a leftist, termed out and left the presidency in December last year. She has previously denied any wrongdoing and has alleged that she was being targeted by her conservative successor, Mauricio Macri.

In a Facebook post Tuesday, Fernández de Kirchner implied she was the target of persecution, although she did not specify anyone in particular.
She is also on trial in another corruption case, dubbed “dolar futuro” by the media in Argentina, in which she is accused of allegedly meddling with the sale of US dollars by the nation’s central bank.


Mozambique’s richest woman ‘killed by husband’

richOne of Mozambique’s richest women, Valentina Guebuza, has been shot dead by her husband in a case of domestic violence, police say.

Zofino Muiuane was arrested after Mrs Guebuza was killed at their home in the capital, Maputo, police said.

Mrs Guebuza, 36, is the daughter of Mozambique’s ex-President Armando Guebuza, who ruled from 2005 to 2015.

She married Mr Muiuane at a lavish ceremony, attended by regional leaders, in 2014.

While police said the shooting was a case of domestic violence, they also said they were still investigating the motive.

Mr Muiuane, a manager at Mozambique’s first mobile phone company M-Cel, has not yet been charged.

The killing has shocked many people and it is rare to hear of domestic violence in wealthy and politically linked families in Mozambique, says the BBC’s Jose Tembe in Maputo.

Mrs Guebuza became one of Mozambique’s wealthiest businesswomen during her father’s presidency, our correspondent adds.

Business magazine Forbes listed her in 2013 as one of the 20 most powerful women in Africa.

She headed a family-owned investment holding company, Focus 21 Management & Development, which has interests in sectors ranging from telecommunications to mining.

Focus 21 has a significant stake in Chinese Pay TV Company StarTimes’ operations in Mozambique.


Men saved from a desert island in the Pacific Ocean after writing ‘Help’ using leaves

Three sailors who were lost for three days on a desert island in the Pacific Ocean were rescued by a Navy ship. They had already given up hope of seeing their relatives again, but when they saw the ship, they waved their orange life jackets and managed to catch the attention of the sailors, who also saw the call for help written with palm fronds on the shore.

Men saved from a desert island in the Pacific Ocean after writing ‘Help’ using leaves

The men reported that they were headed to Weno — a Micronesian island in the state of Chuuk — on a trip that would take approximately 3 hours when their boat capsized, forcing them to swim towards Fanadik, a desert island among the more than 600 islands of Micronesia.


According to Sara Mooer, spokesperson for the US Coast Guard, the men had to swim two miles to the shore at night. The Coast Guard was notified when the sailors didn’t show up for their flight in Chuuk, and four ships were deployed to search for them.

Men saved from a desert island in the Pacific Ocean after writing ‘Help’ using leaves

“The Coast Guard 14th District covers an area of responsibility more than 12.2 million square miles of land and sea, an area almost twice the size of Russia”.

“Oftentimes, we are thousands of miles away from those who need help and because of that our partnerships with the Navy, other search and rescue organizations, partner Pacific nations and AMVER are essential,” Jennifer Conklin, search and rescue mission coordinator at the Coast Guard Command Center Honolulu, said.

Men saved from a desert island in the Pacific Ocean after writing ‘Help’ using leaves

Mooer told CNN that since March 28 the US Coast Guard has carried out several search and rescue missions in the area, and managed to save 15 lives and that “The crew of a Navy ship that was in Misawa, Japan, launched at 6 am to help the Coast Guard, and two hours after, they found the missing men.”

Men saved from a desert island in the Pacific Ocean after writing ‘Help’ using leaves

Thief set ablaze after raping 16-year-old girl.

53After an overnight operation, he returned and raped a 16-year-old girl.
He was called Dongmo Jean, A.K.A. Jackson, a native of Fonakeukeu. On the night of April 26 to 27, the man who works during the day as a motorcycle taxi driver in the town of Dschang, visited the Atochi village, about ten kilometers from town, to rob. In the company of three friends, they visited four homes. With the aid of a lock, they always locked the door from outside.

In the first, they stole the sum of FCFA 80.000 from an old man of 78-year old, then FCFA 108.000 from an old woman they then tied with a flag of Aigle Royal de la Menoua FC. In the last, they stole 30.000F from a lady and 7000 F from her daughter. On the way back, the villagers say, Jean Dongmo confessed to his friends that he can not leave the girl he saw. ” She’s so beautiful. I must go back deal with her. “

The others left. He returned to the house, where he forgot this time to close the padlock. When he expressed his intention, the girl did not object. She proposed condoms she removed from her bag. The mother of the girl says that the bandit vowed to finish the packet of condoms on the girl before going to her. From 11:00 PM to 4:00 AM, he abused the girl, making too much noise in the process, because “it was very good.” The noise woke up the neighbors, who come to the scene.

He tried to escape but fell into an adjacent river. In the darkness, the villagers seized him. After having identified and severely beaten, someone called the police. Then an idea came that he should be tied between four pieces of wood recovered from a house nearby. He was sprinkled with kerosine and burnt. It is a cluster of roasted meat that the police found at 5:30 am.