Accident on Kpong-Akosombo Highway; 4 Children Nearly Killed

car-acciA salon car with registration number GS 3974-13 has ran into a building on the Kpong-Akosombo highway at a place called “Fire Service Junction”.

The incident which happened at around 2:00am on Thursday claimed no lives but seriously injured 2 people who were in the car.

According to eye witnesses, the speeding car lost his way and drove into the building because the driver’s view of the road was obstructed by a thick dust which caused by other speeding cars in front of him.

Speaking to Fire Commander Mr. Schandorf, he said that he has witnessed more than 10 of such accidents during his one year stay at the post and pleaded with the Ghana Highway Authority to take necessary measures to tar the road to prevent the re occurrence of such accidents.

Nature of the road

“We have to water the road almost every week because the dust created is too much. When a car passes and you are a driver behind, you won’t see anything because of the dust  and this has caused a lot of accidents at this place. Some drivers drive into the valley, others into trees and today someone has driven into a building.”

There were 4 children in the building when the car ran into it but none of them were injured. The 2 occupants of the car are however seriously injured and have been rushed to the hospital.