DVLA denies destroying vital gov’t officials vehicle documents

dvlaThe Driver Vehicle and Licensing Authority (DVLA) has dismissed reports making the rounds its Chief Executive is leading a special task force to destroy vital vehicle documents.

Head of Public Relations at DVLA, Mr. Kweku Darko-Aferi, says the Authority has completed the first set of documents it had scanned for the digitised platform and were returning it to the Accra (37) office.

Photographs of documents from the offices of DVLA has gone viral on social media suggesting that there’s an attempt to destroy documents of vehicles linked to high-profile government officials.

“Indeed it is completely false,” he said.

According to him, sometime last year, the Authority started a process towards digitising their vehicle record because they were running out of space for keeping the record.

“The again, vehicle records are very important so there was the need to store them very well,” Mr Darko-Aferi said.

He explained that the Authority took the decision to hire a consultant to digitise the records adding “the pictures you are seeing in the media are simply documents that were taken from the 37 office. They have been scanned so that we can have them in soft copy.”

The PRO said the documents were being returned to where they were taken noting that for the purposes of convenience the Authority had to take the documents in batches.

“We did that such that when some customers come, they at least they can have access to their documents to do their transfers and all other activities that would require accessing their vehicle documents,” he explained.

Mr Darko-Aferi entreated the general public to disregard the images they are seeing as there is nothing untoward happening at the Authority.

“I want to assure that it has nothing to do with the DVLA destroying documents that cover government vehicles.”



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