Ladies and Gentlemen, Friends from the media
On behalf of the entire graduates and continuing students of Jackson College of Education (JCE),  Ghana, we wish to ask the government, the management of the college and it’s related institutions to provide us with convincing documents and facts as to why graduates, especially, the 2012 to 2015 batches were not part of the recent GES postings of teachers where graduates from private  teacher training colleges were not posted in block, together with their counterparts from other public teacher training institution.

Ladies and Gentlemen, you will recall that for the first time in the history of GES postings, the 2016 academic year witnessed both public teacher trainees and their counterparts, that is, the private  teacher trainees all posted into our public schools with their subsequent appointment letters.

Friends from the media, the postings mentioned above followed a public announcement by government earlier on that the 2016 GES postings were going to comprise both graduates from the public and private colleges of education which was the first of its kind as mentioned earlier.
Interestingly,though the public was skeptical about the announcement because it had never happened in GES postings, it was a reality.

Ladies and Gentlemen,the hope and smile which greeted the faces of individual graduates and continuing students of Jackson College of Education became darkened because, out of the list posted on the internet, no single graduate from Jackson could be traced as part of those posted. However, graduates from other private teacher training colleges were part of the list and subsequently, issued with appointment letters from the Director General of Ghana Education Service.
Friends from the media, upon receiving the news some students took it upon themselves to call some public Relations Officers of the GES in other regions for clarification, but all efforts proved futile and unconvincing.

Many attempts have been made by some concerned students to find out from management of Jackson on the reality regarding this same issue through phone calls, but responses received so far were heart breaking and unconvincing.

Some of our colleagues were told on phone by the Principal that the announcement by government that both students of private,  and public colleges had been posted for the 2016/2017 was not true.
Ladies and Gentlemen, we are by this release, asking for clarification from the government and the management as to why Jackson products are not part of the recent GES postings since our friends and relatives from other private teacher training colleges had being posted and subsequently issued appointment letters.

Ladies and Gentlemen, failure by the  management and it’s affiliated bodies to give to  us cogent answers will be followed by a nationwide demonstration against management in two weeks time, since this bothers on our destiny and job security.
Thank you all and may the good Lord bless you.

(Convener,concern students of JCE)