15-year-old practices prostitution to pay school fees

A 15-year-old junior high school girl who wants to be educated but has no one to support her has resorted to prostitution to fund her education.

According to her, she chose prostitution because her parents could not afford to pay her fees.

“My mother is at home she is not working, but my father travel to so many places and I haven’t found him since … that is why I am working as a prostitute,” she told Joy News.
15-year-old practices prostitution to pay school fees


The young girl revealed that she dropped out of school 18 months ago and embarked on her new mission.

She also stated that she makes a daily average of between GHC120-GHC130. According to her out of that GHC50 goes to support her education.

She said she wants to become a banker in future. The teenager added that she would quit prostitution if she makes enough money to fund her secondary education.