1. If you want your spouse to trust you be trustworthy. Be where you said you would be.
  2. Do what you said you would do. Keep no secret. Tell nothing but the truth always.
  3. Be completely honest and open with your spouse. Never give your spouse reason to doubt you.
  4. Be a man or woman of his word. Trust is earned not demanded.
  5. If you know that you did something wrong that hurt your husband or wife humble yourself and apologize. If your spouse genuinely apologized, forgive him or her. No marriage can survive without constant forgiveness and apology.
  6. Listen to your spouse. Sometimes your spouse doesn’t need answers or advice; they just need you to sit down next to them, hold their hand, look them in the eyes, and listen.
  7. The people you spend time with have great influence on the quality of your marriage. Be vigilant! Take inventory of your friends. Not everyone around you is trying to build or bless your marriage.
  8. It takes two people to make a quarrel but only one person to stop it. Be the peacemaker in your marriage.
  9. Marriage flourishes when the couple works together as a team; when both husband and wife decide that winning together is more important than keeping score.
  10. Never stop dating your spouse. It keeps the fire burning in your marriage.